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There's no shame in expressing your affection


On the agenda

This Valentine's Day, tell your colleagues how much you appreciate them...with hearts!

Take the time to say "good job"

At the office, we don't praise each other or ourselves enough! However, many of us really enjoy receiving compliments and positive feedback. Who isn't encouraged when they hear they're doing well and are nice to work with? However, we're often too reserved to say anything.

The employees at St Césaire aren't the type to feel intimidated or get caught up on bad habits. Every Valentine's Day, they show their colleagues how much they appreciate them with hearts and sincere messages!

A jumble of hearts

It all happens in the cafeteria, the center of discussions and interactions at the site. On Valentine's Day, employees are given access to hearts and a letterbox so they can send messages to their colleagues.

Of course, a heart is only meaningful if it's voluntary. That's why employees only participate if they want to. That certainly doesn't seem to be a limiting factor, though. Six hundred hearts were sent this year.

The operation has been going on for several years. Everyone seems to love getting a little heart in their mailbox.

Everyone gets a heart

So that everyone gets a heart, management takes the time to send one to every employee. The gesture is really appreciated and serves an important role in this close-knit factory.

In addition to the day's activities, which are heart-warming, the initiative encourages positivity, mutual respect, and moves people to acknowledge others, which in turn creates a healthy work environment.

Gratitude: everyone wins

In many countries, and especially in the professional world, it goes against custom to express your gratitude. While companies now have a better understanding of how to communicate more effectively and issue positive feedback, we still have a long way to go before we can easily tell our colleagues how much their work or presence means to us on a day-to-day basis. What if you told a colleague that you enjoy working with them before leaving the office today? Go on! We're doing it too. ☺

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