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Supplies for schoolchildren


On the Agenda

Helping the most underprivileged children in the community start the school year off right with a school supply drive.

Creating an Even Playing Field

For families in need, the start of the school year can be challenging, since it requires making a lot of purchases. Between transit passes, new backpacks, outgrown clothing and supplies, the total adds up fast.

To help with these purchases and make sure the kids start school on an even footing with their classmates, employees at the Sainte-Martine site have been doing their part to get school supplies to those who need them in the community for the past four years.

15 Well-Stocked Backpacks

The idea is simple: employees choose what items they want to contribute – notebooks, pens, rulers and so on – from school supply lists for specific children (e.g. a seven-year-old boy in second grade). Then they go out and buy the supplies or donate extra items they already have around the house.

The 15 backpacks collected at the site are added to the ones provided by the municipal organization overseeing this initiative. Every little bit helps!

Forging Bonds between the Site and the Community

This is the fourth year that the drive has been organized. By making this an annual event, the site employees are forging closer ties with the community and their efforts are making a deep impression on those around them.

This project, known as Pousse-Mine, is covered by the media every year and promoted on social media and by word of mouth. It also inspires others, in Sainte-Martine and beyond, by showing what caring can do.

Caring for the Children in Our Communities


The impact of this effort is greater than just helping with the start of the school year: it teaches young people the important lesson that you can give and receive help outside of your circle of family and friends. When people care for others in their community, that community becomes stronger and more prosperous. That message is priceless.


Our sustainable development approach

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