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Speaking more effectively about what we’re doing right!



On the agenda

New modes of communication for sharing successes.


Walk the walk AND talk the talk

Many companies get their employees to participate in sustainable development initiatives with some great results. However, all too often, it stops there, with companies content to see things progressing.

We can go further, both to drive collective motivation and to inform everyone around us. Why? Because to change things, we have to talk about what works!

At the Labenne site, employees decided to talk about what they’re doing right! More specifically, they’re talking about sustainable development initiatives carried out by employees.

Now, at the entry to the plant, there are big displays informing visitors and employees about actions being taken. These include protecting bees, composting (+ fallowing land), and the “Bouchons d’Amour” bottle cap collection initiative.


A visual format: a honeycomb

Why a honeycomb? Because the cells can be used to highlight each initiative and they pay homage to one of the first initiatives established: protecting bees.

The format also suggests that these initiatives can multiply infinitely while remaining complementary and contributing to a bigger picture, like a great big puzzle of best practices to build upon.


Sharing ideas brings about new ones

The special thing about good ideas is that they can generate infinitely more good ideas! Communicating about what’s being done at the plant means inspiring new ideas for the future.

Another intended consequence of the display: inspire new volunteers to join existing initiatives.


A boom in CSR best practices

Employees are taking notice and getting on board. The actions taken by individuals to help build a more sustainable future are flourishing: optimized recycling, creation of shared green spaces, protection of insects and ecosystems, and more. With any luck, these practices will become the norm and will be shared by all.

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