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Sheltering the Homeless from the Cold

Sheltering the Homeless from the Cold


On the Agenda

Donating goods to help the homeless in the wintertime.

A Bit of Warmth!

As everyone knows, winters in Canada are bitterly cold. For those who can warm themselves by a fire or snuggle under a blanket, getting through is merely a matter of preparation and wearing warm clothing out of doors. For others, however, winter is yet another challenge on top of all the others they face each day. For homeless individuals, the months of December, January and February are the most challenging.

The sputtering economy in the region, caused by the closing of auto factories, has put a strain on the community and many have found themselves out of a job and on the streets. Employees at the Tecumseh site wanted to do something to make the cold less of a burden for the homeless. On the agenda: a drive to collect cold weather gear from the site’s employees!

Sleeping Bags and Chocolate

Their drive was a big success! The volunteers collected 10 new sleeping bags rated to -18°C/0°F (a necessity in Canada!), along with socks, scarves, hats and more.

There is nothing cozier than a hot drink in winter. That is why the teams also collected coffee and hot chocolate for Street Help, their chosen shelter.

Warming the Body, Warming the Heart

They wanted to do more than donate goods. They wanted to donate their time and energy to those who need it most. They wanted to care for the least fortunate in our community. For those who live in difficult conditions, not being ignored means feeling less invisible, and that is a crucial factor for helping them withstand the challenges and marginalization they face.

Helping Others Feels Good


It is not just the hearts of the homeless that were warmed by these efforts! When we help the less fortunate, we naturally remember to appreciate how fortunate we are, making us realize how good our lives truly are. More broadly, it strengthens the society as a whole – a community that takes care of its most vulnerable is more likely to thrive.


Our CSR approach

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