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Print everything on recycled paper


On the program

Use 100% recycled paper to print communications materials.

38,286 pages of recycled paper

Brochures, cards, presentation leaflets, and more.
For two years, not a single communications document has been printed on anything but recycled paper on the Bonduelle Kaunas site.

That adds up to a total of 1.46 tons of recycled paper: this serves as an example of eco-friendly paper management as well as a strong promoter of recycling in general, one of Bonduelle’s global missions for sustainable development.

 Recycled paper = less resources consumed

What is the first benefit that comes to mind when you think of recycled paper? More trees on the planet, of course! But in reality, it is much more than that. It also means consuming twenty times less water and a quarter of the energy used to produce paper.

Using recycled paper also helps to reduce carbon emissions: for every ton of recycled paper, there are 300 fewer kilograms of CO2 in the environment!

Inspire others to do good

Doing good is one thing; inspiring others to do good too is another! Indeed, good habits have the power to inspire and to spread. On all print materials is included the short phrase or logo, “printed on recycled paper”.

In business, there is no such thing as a small action

Printing on recycled paper may seem like a minor detail, a footnote in the grand scheme of things. But in business, even the smallest little change can have a huge impact. A good choice, repeated dozens and dozens of times, on the scale of the entire organization, combined with other good choices... ultimately, this incidental event grows into a real transformation!


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