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Patronage in a residential care home

Volunteering and fundraising to improve the daily lives of older citizens!

Better days for those in residential care

In a residential care home, wherever it happens to be in the world, time sometimes drags and feelings of isolation can occur. We all have older citizens living near us, in our district or town, whose daily lives may be a little dull. So what can we do to help them?

In Moscow, Bonduelle employees have taken action! They have chosen to donate their time to provide a little sunshine to life in a residential care home.

The gift of attention and energy

Volunteers organized six days of activities, based around vegetables and other foods as well as human contact:

  • opening of a herbal tea salon (“phyto bar”)
  • culinary master class
  • festive end-of-year party with gifts
  • gardening and vegetable planting, etc.

Feedback was unanimous – it really brightened the daily lives of the retired and disabled people living in the two care homes chosen for the program (in the Kaluzhskaya region and the Krasnodar region)!

16,500 rubles collected

Nothing can be done without money!

In order to finance the herbal tea salon, major fund-raising was needed, providing an opportunity to involve the rest of the community in this project. This was a great success, with an impressive amount collected – the equivalent in rubles of €230 – bringing this novel venue to life and allowing residents to enjoy oxygen cocktails (yes, really), herbal teas, health drinks, etc.

And next year's goal is even more ambitious – to finance a gazebo in the garden!

A community's well-being depends on that of its elderly

Because they are less mobile and more dependent, our older citizens are also less visible in our societies. But they are no less important and deserve us putting more energy into preserving the social link which binds them to us and enabling them to enjoy a better quality of life. A healthy community is a community which knows how to look after its elderly!

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