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New trees for Moscow


On the agenda

Enrich Moscow's oldest botanical garden by planting new trees.

For a greener Moscow!

Aptekarsky Ogorod botanical garden is the oldest in all of Russia. When it was created in Moscow in 1706 by Peter I, the environment was not a hot topic, but today we know that it is crucial to preserve our green spaces. Yet for this botanical garden to survive, it was in dire need of new plant collections.

So it came to pass that employees in Russia turned a team building exercise into an opportunity to take care of their environment with a high-profile goal: plant trees in the oldest botanical garden in Russia.

100 thujas planted

The initiative drew staff from all over Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Their large-scale motivation and commitment paid off: the botanical garden has now been infused with fresh oxygen from 100 trees.

The effort was clearly inspiring! There was considerable enthusiasm in the media and on social networks with an additional 100,000 people reached. When sustainable development takes such tangible forms, you can count on them to generate new ideas...

Committed team building

When you think of team building, you often think of games or sports. Thus, the strength of this campaign lies in the fact that it took advantage of an experience intended to create connections to do something for the environment. By sending a strong message and doing concrete development actions, people forge stronger connections to each other and the planet wins as well.

Re-greening cities 

Between excess asphalt and faltering biodiversity, our cities are heating up. The city as it exists today needs some rethinking if we want to adopt sustainable development practices. Urban residents in particular have become aware of the importance of their green spaces and the presence of plants, which are vital to our well-being and the health of other living species. Across the globe, people are thinking about how to re-green our cities: here are there, playgrounds are being covered with grass, roofs are being planted and more gardens and parks are being created.

New trees for Moscow
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