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Meals for Disaster Victims


On the Agenda

Handing out meals to victims of hurricanes and forest fires.

Comfort & Assistance

When hurricanes Harvey and Irma struck Texas and Florida and wildfires ravaged Florida, we did not stand on the sidelines! Our employees banded together at the Irwindale and Jackson sites in the US to provide assistance to the victims of these natural disasters. When you work in a plant that processes fresh produce, it is only natural that you will provide food aid!

60,000 Large Salads Distributed

The employees worked hard to produce tens of thousands of Caesar salads and to load the trucks headed to the affected areas.

Getting the salads to the people in need meant long hours on the road, including driving through perilous weather conditions. But what a proud moment to be able to provide tangible, nutritious relief to communities in need!

Working with the Red Cross

The Red Cross devotes all its energy to helping people in need. So, for our initiative it was only natural to partner with these humanitarian relief experts.

The American Red Cross teams distributed our salads on the ground, a great example of cooperation between a company and a non-profit organization, proving that the humanitarian goals of both can easily coincide.

Communities Affected by Climate Change


Natural disasters like droughts, typhoons, hurricanes and forest fires are increasing due to the climate change that grips our planet, as are the number of people affected by these catastrophes. Corporate social responsibility has a role to play here. Just as companies can forge ties with communities through their social commitments, in terms of jobs or green initiatives, for instance, they can also mobilize their resources to provide aid and solutions in the wake of disasters brought on by climate change.


Our sustainable development approach

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