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Driving Interest in the Vegetable Product Industry


On the Agenda

A work-study opportunity to teach local students about the work we do.

Direct Career Paths

In the list of factors needed for thriving communities, jobs always rank high. For young people and seniors alike, though, access to employment is often more challenging than they would like. What can we do about the fact that students are not being trained to work in the sectors that are actually hiring? Train them, obviously!

At the Gniewkowo site in Poland, this idea is taking off. The plant needs workers, and young people in the region are having trouble accessing employment. They need help getting supply to line up with the demand; that is why the plant decided to train young people for technical careers, partnering with a local school to do so.

Three Work-Study Positions

Apprenticeships at the school last three years. They are trained at a plant or in a technical department, while theory is taught at a technical school. The Bonduelle plant is now one of these training sites and has opened its doors to students. For the inaugural year of the program, two electromechanical technicians and a plumber will be learning alongside the professionals at the site.

Real Contributions to Society

By having companies take responsibility for part of their training, young people in the region get the chance to learn on the job and are also able to access the job market more quickly and successfully, with a career path that begins at the plant.

For the community, the partnership between companies and schools makes sense: with hands-on learning that provides more concrete training on the one hand and the combined forces of the business and academic worlds on the other.

Technical Careers: Tomorrow’s Hottest Jobs

Anyone who has needed to find a plumber fast or hire a builder to help them create a patio knows that these professionals are thin on the ground! Technical careers, which society does not consider prestigious, are becoming less popular and the lack is now being felt. At the same time, many people with degrees in communications, marketing, business or digital technology are finding it harder and harder to find work in their chosen fields. If our societies want to help make manual and technical careers valued again, companies certainly have an important role to play in showcasing these opportunities.


Our sustainable development approach

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