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Donating vegetables to the most disadvantaged

The Harvest-Donation program

  • Vegetables donated by farmers, prepared by Bonduelle and distributed to the most vulnerable.
  • Giving the poorest communities healthy food to improve their lives.
  • Providing better food to the poorest communities to improve their lives.

It’s not easy to eat good vegetables when you live in poverty

For the poorest communities, it is not always easy to have a balanced diet. For example, it is often difficult to obtain high quality vegetables. Yet we know they are essential to daily well-being.

In Canada, it is particularly difficult to obtain vegetables out of season. Persons in need who are more likely to turn to food banks only have access to fresh vegetables at certain times, or not at all out of season.

What if we could do something about it?

A combined effort to provide vegetables

At several sites in Canada, an entire chain of goodwill has been mobilized to route an impressive amount of free vegetables from the fields to the plates of the most in-need.

With Bonduelle's harvest-donate program, these donations are made possible by coordinating the various participants:

  • farmers donate part of their harvest
  • Bonduelle prepares them (canned and frozen produce)
  • the Banques Alimentaires du Québec (BAQ – food banks of Québec) distributes them

Then, of course, there are the transporters which offer their services to ship the vegetables for distribution through the program!

380,000 portions donated

That is the number of portions donated last year to all food banks in the province of Québec. That represents 60,000kg of vegetables offered by farmers!

The menu included beans, peas and corn! Not only are these vegetables commonly grown in the region, but they are also particularly well suited to freezing.

Donations are increasing each year, so the outlook is promising for the coming years!

More vegetables for food banks

We are all used to donating a packet of pasta or everyday necessities to food banks – but not so much vegetables. This means they have a shortage of vegetables, especially out of season.

Canned and frozen produce is well suited to food banks, since it can be kept for a long time to allow easy access to vegetables whatever the season.

Our partner for this project

The Fédération Québécoise des Producteurs de Fruits et Légumes de Transformation (FQPFLT) is working with us on this Harvest-Donation program. We are very grateful for its valuable assistance!

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