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Men and women involved worldwide

Bonduelle's stakeholders are representatives who, both within the company and outside, are involved in the Group's RSE initiative: individuals or organisations, local communities, institutions or private contributors, associations or partner companies, etc. Wherever in the world Bonduelle is set up, they act, interact and put themselves at the service of the Group's large societal and development project.

Enhancing communication for a greater initiative

Bonduelle's objective: continue developing constructive communication with its stakeholders by involving new parties and increasing the number of topics addressed. Now involving rating agencies, suppliers, cooperation associations (among others) in the discussions, Bonduelle falls in with the RSE section of its VEGEGO project. Many questions need addressing:

  • what partnerships are needed to successfully lead the disability policy?
  • Which actions should be initiated to make the environmental projects progress, such as the Frugal Factory programme?
  • What expectations do customers - retail groups, mass catering companies - and partners have in terms of RSE? 

In December 2012, we invited the stakeholders to a discussion with Christophe Bonduelle, Group CEO, the "Sustainable Development" Steering Committee and myself. The stakeholders were general RSE experts, specialists in Bonduelle's priority action areas and several associations. We wanted to discuss the Group's sustainable development communication and initiative with them. This was the opportunity for each participant to submit their ideas about subject areas to be developed and ask for details about the published information - in particular in terms of consumer awareness - and sustainable development actions conducted by the group. Following this meeting, we drew up a report integrating the thoughts that emanated from these fruitful exchanges

Grégory Sanson, Financial Manager

Communication is spreading throughout Bonduelle's Business Units worldwide

Because sharing information within a booming international group is paramount, in 2012-2013 Bonduelle sent a toolbox fully dedicated to communication and RSE to its Business Units. Purpose: spreading out the resources worldwide to enhance communication with all the stakeholders.

  • Documents and elements to help each stakeholder to identify the local challenges in terms of RSE.
  • Detailed summary of the main areas of the group's RSE policy.
  • Advice and tools to fuel the relationship with stakeholders.
  • Communication tools

Italy kicks off the Bonduelle Open Day

The Toolbox soon proved successful: in Italy, the launch of the Bonduelle Open Day - premièred by the local Business Unit - made it possible for a number of guests to discover the various areas of the Bonduelle RSE initiative, its history and social and societal objectives. A press conference was also held, allowing journalists specialised in "business" and " sustainability" to go into the subject in depth.

Several other Bonduelle countries are also organising their own version of this communication initiative: Germany, Canada, Poland, Hungary, Brazil, the USA and Russia.

In America


Bonduelle Americas launched a consultation operation of its stakeholders in Quebec in early 2014. The initiative involved internal and external stakeholders: government agencies, citizens/consumers, customers, local communities, CSR experts, professional federations, suppliers, academic institutions, NGO, social partners

The aim is to cross-reference, via a questionnaire of 36 challenges, the perception of the two groups in terms of sustainable development and thus build a relevance matrix that will be used to guide the actions to be implemented by the Bonduelle Americas business unit.


The foundation and local communities

Bonduelle considers societal commitments as an integral part of the Group's ambition. For this reason, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation regularly develops new sites - in Canada, in several European countries - to initiate national actions in the field.

Overview in France

Within the scope of the "Ronde des légumes" campaign, the Foundation organised events to raise awareness of underprivileged populations about healthy nutrition.

Overview in Italy

Within the scope of the Orto in Condotta campaign, the Foundation rose the awareness of children between 6 and 14 years about a balanced diet and the origin of food.

Projects without boundaries

The Foundation also financially supports local projects, through its calls for proposals. 

Involvement in local life

1. In what way is Bonduelle involved in the local life around its sites ?

“By encouraging the involvement of Bonduelle sites and employees in the local life in the countries and sites where we are based. How? By creating projects aimed at developing communities, their welfare, while taking into account their special characteristics.”

2. How are these projects organised ?

The roadmap for each site: initiate at least one social project conducted jointly with local contributors. To materialise the programme, Bonduelle will launch calls for projects with each employee. These calls for projects will involve agriculture, sustainable development, disability, education, eating habits and social welfare organisations.

3. Examples ?

In concrete terms, these calls for projects may be deployed via educational actions in schools, events organised in retirement homes, sponsoring or supporting young people in difficulty, participation in charities, etc. In fact this project is in line with the actions already initiated by the group and its business units, whether these are food donations, donations to clubs and associations, organisation of and participation in events.

4. A word about food donations ?

Logically, Bonduelle's involvement in social and societal issues also includes food donations. 2,644 tonnes were donated in 2014-2015 in France, Italy, Poland and Hungary. Donations included canned foods, frozen foods, 4th range salads and prepared goods salads.

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