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Committed to preserving natural resources,Bonduelle is pursuing its efforts to optimise its packaging and logistics processes.

80% less waste

Recover ordinary industrial waste is one of Bonduelle's priorities. The group's ambition: to reach a 80% recovering rate through sorting at source and through purchasing policies with suppliers.

Frozen foods : optimised boxing

In "frozen" technology, Bonduelle's actions have led to a significant improvement in secondary packaging methods thanks to tools enabling boxes to be filled more efficiently. This process has led to a 155-tonne saving of cardboard in France and the initiative has been progressively extended to the group's locations elsewhere. 

Metal packaging : size matters

The reduction in the thickness of packaging is aimed at saving 500-tonnes  of metal  in Europe.

Fresh products : promoting the use of recycled materials

Various projects were initiated in this regard in 2014-2015, particularly in Russia where the use of recycled retractable films reached 30% of annual volumes. In addition, Russia has launched a system to recover glue containers and is testing thinner films. In France, the Rosporden plant now uses 100% recycled PET for the covers of “prepared” meals. In Germany, all salad bowls, are 80%-made from recycled PET and cardboard packaging is made from 100% recycled materials.

Cans : 90 tonnes of film saved

For canned vegetables, the packaging reduction policy has been extended to include all packaging methods, especially film, for batches and unitisation. Potential savings in terms of film total around 90 tonnes per year.

Packaging and environmental criteria

An initiative to integrate environmental criteria into product design is currently being set up within the group. Packaging represents one of its key areas.

To support this process, ratios have been established to monitor changes in packaging at Bonduelle. Objective: during the design phase, use the necessary packaging sufficient for its purpose while guaranteeing and preserving product safety and quality.

Bonduelle constantly carries out checks in order to ensure progress in terms of the use of organic materials in its packaging.

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