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Indicators measured

BONDUELLE has measured the impact of a can of Peas - extra fine, in juice, and family size (850ml) - on the "climate and the greenhouse effect" and on "water", 2 major themes for agro-food products..

Method for assessing the environmental impact

The calculation was carried out by the Centre Technique de la conserverie des produits agricoles (Technical Centre for Canned Products), in accordance with the method of standard BP X 30 323: IPCC 2007 - ACV SIMAPRO software use.

ACV : Life Cycle Analysis is a method of calculating the environmental impact of a product from cradle to grave: from the extraction of raw materials, to the processing procedure, until the product's end-of-life (waste). This is multi-criteria approach which takes into account all impacts the product may have on the environment. The life cycle analysis shows which stages have the most impact. From this record, we can implement actions to reduce these impacts.

Indicator calculation on the life cycle of a product

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