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Impact on the consumer

In the cupboard: 0 impact!

A can is stored at room temperature and therefore has no impact on Greenhouse Gas emissions or water consumption.

Heating: Variable impact depending on domestic electrical equipment

The graph below shows the CO2 emissions for 3 minutes' heating of a can of peas for different domestic electrical appliances (recommended heating time).

Waste sorting: Reduced impact!

The environmental impact of our waste depends on the level of processing involved: Will waste be incinerated, buried, recycled, etc.? Leftover food goes to household refuse which will be either buried or incinerated. An empty can is recycled in designated containers. A steel can is 100% recyclable. 1t of steel cans = 2t of non renewable raw material saved!

Consult the UPPIA brochure to find out more

Recycled cans are transported to the steelworks to be melted and made into springs, for example. Industrial manufacturers can use them again as raw materials and manufacture new cans.

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