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In 2002-2003, Bonduelle set up a steering committee in order to step up its efforts in support of Sustainable Development.Objective : to better meet society's expectations and formalise the group's approach. Once a month, this committee convenes agro-industrial, human resources, external communications and management control representatives.

Bonduelle, a family-run group established in 1853, is the global market leader in prepared vegetables. The Company has built its success on two pillars of growth: respect for the natural environment, which is essential for a Group whose business is linked directly with the earth, and placing People at the heart of our long-term corporate plan.

Christophe Château, External Communication, Sustainable Development & Corporate Marketing Director


The Steering Committee gathers and distributes information, and suggests objectives and areas for improvement which are then submitted to the group's Executive management.
There are 6 priority areas : Transport, agricultural production, people, nutrition and quality, natural resources and commitment to civil society.


The collection of environmental and social data within the group serves as a reference for improvement initiatives, which are renewed every year and allow Bonduelle to strengthen its operations.



Bonduelle actively engages in dialogue with its stakeholders. Internally with employees and social partners, and externally with farmers, suppliers, local and national public institutions, etc.


  • Employees/social partners
  • Customers
  • People/consumers
  • National, European and international institutions/Regulatory authorities and agencies
  • Farmers under contract with Bonduelle
  • Suppliers
  • NGO
  • Rating agencies
  • Investors
  • Local communities
  • Media
  • Professional federations
  • Education and research
  • CSR Experts



Bonduelle's initiatives and partnerships

The group boasts several partnerships and has conducted actions, notably pilot programmes, with public or private institutions and organisations to encourage the exchange of good practices: professional federations, institutions, international, European and national regulatory agencies and authorities, NGOs, rating agencies, local communities, the media, teaching and research establishments.

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation

La The Louis Bonduelle Foundation is particularly dynamic when it comes to promoting, in collaboration with community, public and scientific partners, the sustainable development of eating habits, especially as diet-related public health issues are forever progressing. Bonduelle has also developed dialogue with its stakeholders. The scope has been broadened with the formalisation of the CSR initiative: new contacts and new topics.

In December 2011, a panel of stakeholders was invited to exchange with Bonduelle's Chief Executive Officer and various other Bonduelle representatives (from human resources, agronomy, industry, commerce, marketing and sustainable development).

Ethics charter

In 2012, Bonduelle created an ethics charter giving substance to the values that the group has respected for years and wishes to promote: concern for people, trust, openness, simplicity, integrity, fairness and excellence. This charter is evidence of the group's will to take part in a continuing progress initiative. It adds to the various rules and regulations already in force and which employees must adhere to, while allowing each person to be part of an individual ethical approach that is also in line with Bonduelle's values.

Following the charter's notification period, before the end of the 2012-2013 financial year, an Ethics committee will be formed to support the group's efforts in this area and advise on these issues.

The ethics charter is a reminder of the group's commitment to a Social and Environmental Responsibility initiative, which it has held since joining the Global Compact in 2003.

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