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The French GRENELLE Environment forum (2007) decided to generalise environmental labelling on products and services to provide consumers with objective and reliable information on the various environmental impacts of consumer packaged products and to guide them towards more sustainable consumption options. The August 2010 legislation act set the conditions for carrying out national experiments, conducted over 1 year from the 1st July 2011, to test the different communication procedures and to evaluate them in terms of information and accessibility for the general public.

An evaluation phase for experiments has recently been launched by the Ministry of Environment. This involves:

  • Surveying consumers to find out their views on environmental labelling
  • Checking whether or not companies have followed the methods defined above for calculating the environmental impact of their product.
  • Getting feedback from companies: what difficulties did they encounter, what were the positive points?
  • This evaluation will end in autumn and a report will be sent to parliament.

This evaluation will end in autumn and a report will be sent to parliament.

Bonduelle is fully
engaged in meeting
the GRENELLE objectives

Enabling the consumer to make informed choices: the prepared canned vegetable combats food waste. The quality and safety of the product, the freshness of harvested vegetables and production conditions are at the centre of the industrial project.

Guaranteeing reliable information for the consumer and combating unfounded allegations:
Bonduelle actively participates in work to limit environmental impacts, required to build standardised and reliable calculation methods.


Agri-food vegetable professionals in the face of sustainable consumption issues.

Over the last 100 years, considerable technological progress has been made in the field of agriculture, such as variety improvements and developments in irrigation and fertilisation systems, and phytosanitary products generating higher crop yields. However, over the same period, the world's population has almost quadrupled compared to the start of the 20th century.

This growth is ongoing and scientists predict that between now and 2030, the world demand for water will increase by 30%, energy demand will increase by 50% and food demand by 50%. The guarantee of future food supplies on our continent is quickly becoming a burning issue.

Authorities from every country are actively working to set their own food priorities for the next two decades:

  • Nutrition & healthy diet
  • Waste management
  • Sustainable production and consumption and the carbon footprint
  • Availability and cost to help consumers eat healthily.

The processed vegetable sector responds to these challenges and holds some of the answers.

For experiments, BONDUELLE has chosen a major product from its range: a can of Peas - extra fine, in juice, family size (850ml).

Bonduelle has actively supported the government's environmental information procedure from the outset.

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