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Bonduelle & agriculture

Bonduelle & agriculture

Bonduelle, the vegetable specialist, is part of the agricultural scenery


Over 4,000 farmers who have been working regularly with Bonduelle teams for years have helped to develop a genuine partnership that can be seen throughout the growing cycle of our vegetables.



It all starts with the allocation of the most appropriate land for each vegetable crop. Each year, partnership contracts are signed , affecting 100,000 hectares.



Bonduelle then provides carefully selected seed s to meet specific quality criteria for each vegetable in terms of texture, colour and taste, etc. The seed are the result of research by Bonduelle and its selectors and is currently guaranteed not to contain genetically modified organisms.



Bonduelle, in its concern for the well-being of its customers, offers advice on fertilisation and plant-health treatment that preserves the environment throughout the growing process. This is known as 'reasoned cultivation'.



Farmers must ensure irrigation to guarantee the quality of specific vegetables. Water quantities are scientifically calculated to meet the exact amount required for the growing conditions of the vegetable in question.



In light of analyses of samples from the fields, Bonduelle technicians establish a harvesting date to ensure optimum quality.



The vegetable is then harvested or gathered and immediately sent to processing plants.

This guarantees freshness and vitamin content.



Control over the quality of vegetable supplies has been written up as a charter, a best practice guide for our partner farmers, and therefore extends the ISO 9001certification of our industrial facilities. It further ensures the quality of vegetables provided to consumers that explains the trust enjoyed by the Bonduelle brand.

supply charter

Bonduelle places sustainable development at the heart of the company's future success. In direct relation with the agricultural world, Bonduelle has forged its success to date on ethical values that respect man and the environment. From agricultural production and transport through the nutritional quality of its vegetables to human resources, Bonduelle implements an approach of constantly optimising its processes and shares its best practices.


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