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A long-standing commitment

Through its activity, directly linked to the world of farming; through its products, naturally based on nutrition; through its ethics, built over generations and based on essential values, Bonduelle has always given the highest importance to what is now known as sustainable development.

Christophe Bonduelle, Chairman of the Bonduelle Group



Nature and People first

Ever since its creation, Bonduelle has been committed to respecting nature while placing people at the core of his business project. Based on these two fundamental commitments, the group's worldwide development demonstrates that it is possible to offer the best of vegetables to consumers while at the same time applying ethical principles attuned to the challenges of sustainable development.

4 priority action areas

In order to anticipate society's expectations and new requirements and formalise its CSR initiative, in the 2000s Bonduelle decided to set up a steering committee in order to step up its efforts. Its role: to gather and distribute information, to suggest progress areas to the Management.

  • 4 priority action areas are set: agricultural production, people, nutrition and quality, natural resources.
  • During this period, indicators and axes of progress are defined before the first results are published. Bonduelle raises awareness about this initiative internally. The group is also a member of the Global Compact.

Clear action plans, specific indicators

Bonduelle continues to improve and homogenise its indicators while creating leading self-assessment tools. Clear action plans are set and Bonduelle continues to deploy the initiative internally. Bonduelle is part of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

A fifth action area... And even more ambition

During this period, a fifth priority action area is defined: this concerns transport (and therefore complements agricultural production, people, nutrition and quality, and natural resources). This is also the launch of the pilot farm programme. At the same time, Bonduelle steps up its efforts to favour safety and arrangements for disabled people. In France, Bonduelle officially supports the World Forum, a forum for a responsible economy in Lille.

Share beliefs, implement good practices

Bonduelle has once again moved a step ahead by achieving greater stakeholder involvement (both internal and external) in the CSR initiative. Bonduelle is working on an ethics charter, an eco-responsibility charter and the fourth version of the supply charter for planters. Finally, the group has adopted the GRI standard and had a number of its CSR indicators approved by an external auditor. This new step forms part of the Group's constant efforts to move forward and supports the economic and geographical development it has been pursuing relentlessly for the last ten years.


  • Bonduelle obtained the B+ application level based on the international Global Reporting Initiative framework in 2012, following its first assessment. This places the Group among the first companies in France to use the framework – and have it approved by the GRI. This achievement forms part of a consistent and credible CSR initiative through which Bonduelle has used this globally-recognised framework for its 2012 extra-financial reporting.
  • The Group has been using the GRI's guidelines to develop its sustainable development commitments since 2003. Bonduelle used the GRI framework for the first time in 2012 , demonstrating its will to provide transparent information on its sustainable development achievements: B+ application level through the GRI, reflecting both the excellent work carried out by all of its teams and its will to fulfil its stakeholders' expectations in terms of extra-financial information to the best of its abilities.
  • The purpose of the GRI is to develop guidelines that can be applied worldwide in order to structure and standardise company and organisation management reports with respect to sustainable development. Objective: to lay down a common framework to monitor and compare CSR policy performance on an international scale.


More and more economic stakeholders worldwide are demonstrating their ability to improve their performance while showing greater respect for mankind and the environment. The World Forum in Lille aims to review these good practices and encourage others to adopt them.


Since 2003, Bonduelle has been a member of Global Compact, a platform initiated by the UN. This international pact asks member companies to apply 10 fundamental values in the areas of human rights, employment standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.

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