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2014-01-23 - APPOINTMENT Bonduelle Group creates an ethics committee

 As part of its CSR strategy, the Bonduelle Group has created an ethical charter inspired from its history and values. This charter is for internal use and reflects the group's desire to implement a strategy of continuous progress as well as supplement the current rules that employees must follow. This charter underlines all the factors that make Bonduelle a socially aware and responsible company, a fair company, a company with integrity.


2013-12-10 - With the extension of its Straelen plant (Germany), Bonduelle confirms its ambitions on the European market of the cut and washed range.


2013-11-13 - Bonduelle receives special price fo rInvestor Relations


2013-09-19 - Bonduelle awarded with the Corporate Governance Prize


2013-07-05 - Bonduelle wins the Responsible Economy Gold Trophy awarded by the Alliances Network


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