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Bonduelle partners with VeggiEAT

Bonduelle partners with VeggiEAT, a European research programme devoted to the promotion of vegetable consumption for teenagers and senior citizens.

Bonduelle has now joined forces with 3 European universities (Bournemouth in England, Aalborg in Denmark and Florence in Italy) and with the Paul Bocuse Institute Research Centre in Lyon to conduct the VeggiEAT European research project consisting in promoting the consumption of vegetables at various stages of a person's life.This VeggiEAT project, set up by a consortium of 5 academic and private partners, was granted a budget of 1.6 million euros by the European Commission and will be carried out from October 2013 to October 2017. For the entire duration of the project, a third of Bonduelle's Research & Development team, as well as the Marketing teams from the 4 concerned countries (France, Italy, Denmark and the United Kingdom), will be working towards improving knowledge concerning vegetable consumption levers in 2 of the population's age categories: teenagers and senior citizens.The Bonduelle Group will be particularly involved, thanks to its expertise in the fields sensory science, consumer science, plant physiology and nutrition.

Read the press release about the project launch

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