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Bonduelle is a partner in the project to open a biomethane plant in Eppeville, France.

On Thursday 21 September 2017, the largest biomethane plant in the Hauts-de-France region, in the commune of Eppeville (La Somme district) in France, was opened. Bonduelle Group partnered with the company Vol-V–an independent French green gas producer–who is behind this project, which is located not far from Bonduelle’s production site in Estrées.  This plant is a means of recycling waste locally from the factory while maintaining complete traceability over the waste.

This project is part of the Group’s global sustainable development efforts.

More information on Bonduelle’s CSR efforts


What is the principle behind methanisation?

Biomethane is at the heart of the circular economy. This new economic model aims at increasing efficient use of resources across all stages of a product’s life cycle and reducing waste and the impact on the environment, while nurturing the well-being of individuals. It’s all about producing more, better but using less. Biomethane production projects are a perfect illustration of the fundamentals of the circular economy: 5/7 transform organic matter into storable, non-intermittent energy that comes from a renewable source that will be recycled locally and is also a residual product that can be recycled agronomically.


Read the press release (in French)

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