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Frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables : a strategy of innovation

In just three decades, BONDUELLE has succeeded in making its mark on the entire European market. As the market N°2, Bonduelle currently enjoys a 12% market share.
(N°1 in France , Spain and Brazil Green salads and raw vegetables without seasoning in sachet (4the range) 2 in the Netherlands , Belgium , Germany and Portugal )

Since the repurchase of Canadian Carrière, Bonduelle became leading of this activity in Canada and is present in the USA.

World brand




In Canada



Production Process for frozen vegetables

A specialist in vegetables since 1926, Bonduelle is an expert in vegetables in all their forms and using all types of technology. Whether canned, frozen or fresh packaged, Bonduelle vegetables are the fruit of unique know-how, state-of-the-art technological research and rigorous quality control.


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