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Fresh vegetables

Fresh processed vegetables

Fresh processed vegetables

The "Fresh" sector accounts for 22 % of the group's turnover and includes two activities :

  • Green salads and raw vegetables without seasoning in sachet (4the range)
  • Seasoned delicatessen products

Green salads and raw vegetables without seasoning in sachet (4th range)

The European market for 4th range vegetables accounts for 2.2 billion euros, and increases by more than 10% each year.


The acquisition of Vita, the German leader on the 4th range salad market, made it possible for Bonduelle to strengthen its position in Europe : it is now n°1 with 20 % of the market.

Bonduelle offers many innovative and varied products :

  • Lettuce,
  • Rocket,
  • Oakleaf,
  • mixed green salad,
  • Corn salad,
  • Curly endives


These salads are selected according to a range of criteria relating to quality , freshness and food safety.



Seasoned delicatessen products

After the acquisition of Michel Caugant in 2003, a subsidiary, Bonduelle Traiteur, which was totally dedicated to this sector, was created ; leader on the French market.

Bonduelle delicatessen products can be found both on the general public (taboulés, carrots,..) and the catering makets, they are marketed by the Bonduelle Food Service subsidiary.




A specialist in vegetables since 1926, Bonduelle is an expert in vegetables in all their forms and using all types of technology. Whether canned, frozen or fresh packaged, Bonduelle vegetables are the fruit of unique know-how, state-of-the-art technological research and rigorous quality control.


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