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At the 2017 Agriculture
Trade show

9 days full of surprise for you!

From the field to the plate, our vegetables mobilise thousands of hand-picked professionals. We cooperate with them in a spirit of mutual trust to improve food balance. This fascinating, demanding sector is the one we are introducing to you during the trade show. And because we are naturally close to the land, as these people are, this trade show is above all the chance to present our commitments in upstream agricultural supplies as well as our good CSR practices.

SIA in pictures

Bonduelle in the International Fair of Agriculture

Best of 2016

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Step 1
Open field vegetables grown with care

To the rhythm of the seasons

Our vegetables are grown and harvested to the rhythm of the seasons. In this area, you will discover the key stages of our agronomic charter, which farmers scrupulously follow, from the plot of land to the factory. Would you like to know more about the activity of land manager, our agronomic service, biodiversity? Are you asking yourself about our actions and most recent techniques for the environment, crop rotation? 

Step 2
Vegetables are transported to plant and processes right away to preserve and retain their best features

Just like home-cooking

Many natural processes are involved from harvesting to the finished product (what you see on your plates). They are designed to preserve (temperature based) all the qualities of our vegetables. These processes enable us to preserve the optimum quality of the nutrients in our products. In this area, discover the preservation stages of our products, our methods for ensuring their naturalness, our innovations for reducing our consumption of water and energy. Are you interested in the issue of quality control or even traceability? 

Step 3
High quality and very tasty vegetables to be eaten everyday

Vegetables without moderation

Delight your taste buds and inspire creative cooking by tasting great products each day: whether as a side dish or snack, vegetables are a never-ending source of inspiration and desire. In this area, discover the extent of our prepared or non-prepared vegetable offering, the missions and actions of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation, or even all our services and consultancy partners. Are you sensitive to responsible consumption modes? Waste prevention, packaging sorting, label reading… 


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