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The “Touch of” range to enhance, invigorate and add colour to your dishes

Even if the French population is keen to eat better and more healthily, only a quarter of French people eat their ‘five a day’. This is due to lifestyle changes and a lack of time and inspiration.

Bonduelle wants to change this situation by creating mini cans of vegetables to give a new twist to everyday recipes. The idea is to encourage consumers to add their own personal “touch” to enhance, invigorate and add colour to their dishes with vegetables. This mini can format (1/8) is completely new in France and makes it easy to enhance a dish by adding “a touch of” something healthy. And what’s more this format also helps to combat food waste.

The “Touch of” includes four types of vegetable: sweetcorn, chickpeas, kidney beans and mushrooms.

You can see the “Touch of” range on screens in France until 22 October.

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