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The 'Tente des glaneurs' against food waste!

Every Sunday, the 'Tente des glaneurs'  association, based in Grenoble, organises a free distribution of unsold products: fruit, vegetables and bread. This association is supported by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation, within the framework of its call for projects last summer.

The 'Tente des glaneurs' volunteers collect products from vendors on the local market and redistribute them fairly, thus recreating social links.

This initiative was initially launched in Lille (France) by a volunteer working at the 'Restos du coeur' association. The idea stems from a simple observation: every week, several tonnes of products that are too damaged to be sold but still perfectly edible are thrown away once the market has packed up. Thus, since the opening of the tent in December 2010, 84 tonnes of food have been distributed and close to 2,500 families have been helped.

Who can benefit from the project? Everyone. Even though most people welcomed in the tent are faced with financial difficulties (single-parent families, the unemployed, the homeless, youths and the elderly), no papers or proof is required. And the savings are incredible: the value of the shopping bag distributed varies between 15 and 25 euros, sometimes more depending on the products collected by the "volunteer employees".

Following the project's success, "franchises" have opened in Caen, Paris, Rennes, Brest, Marseille, Nîmes and Grenoble.

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