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New methanisation unit opens near the Renescure site

The Renescure methanisation plant opened on 19 June 2015.

Two local farmers were behind the project, which the Nord Pas de Calais Chamber of Agriculture has supported at every step of the way. Ready to get involved with renewable energy, the farmers also sought a way to treat their livestock’s waste. The plant will recycle up to 25 tonnes of green waste per day.

Waste from the two farmers’ livestock, green waste from local towns, and plant waste from Bonduelle’s Renescure plant supply the unit. The inputs will total 11,000 tonnes/year. Green waste such as vegetable peelings will become biogas used to produce heat.

For Bonduelle, this project is an opportunity to increase its commitment to local organic waste methanisation projects like those in which it already participates at the Reutligen site in Germany and the Bordères site in France.

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