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Learn more about InFlavor: A preparation procedure for frozen vegetables

This new concept for precisely preparing and dehydrating food products is currently under   research and development in Canada. With time, other group sites will be able to use this method as well.

InFlavor is exclusive to Bonduelle. This unique and innovative procedure partially dehydrates vegetables using microwave vacuum drying, which removes the desired percentage of water contained within the vegetable. This step, which is integrated into the overall freezing process, both preserves the quality of the vegetables and improves their taste profile, even if they are stored over a long period of time.

This method allows Bonduelle to rebalance the properties of the vegetables being processed and make them even more delicious. Incredible-tasting water-rich vegetables can now be incorporated into frozen food. Imagine frozen vegetables with an authentic taste and texture and a level of quality that cannot be beat!


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