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Cassegrain launched on the catering market

Cassegrain, the premium canned vegetable brand, will be launching an all-new high-quality range of prepared vegetables onto the catering market.

With brand awareness reaching 64% and brand image beyond compare according to the IPSOS 2014 survey, Cassegrain's breakthrough will surprise the world of commercial catering.The brand will now be offering two of its major recipes in 2/1 "delicatessen" type cans, specially suited to professionals: Provençal ratatouille and Aubergine confit. Cassegrain's desire is to make cooking easier for chefs. Given the high quality of the marketed products, they can be used by various catering professionals: hotels, caterers,traditional restaurants, fast food restaurants, etc.

Thanks to their varied textures and flavours, so far unrivalled in the canned vegetables sector,Cassegrain's recipes can be used as a side dish, a culinary base, an hors d'oeuvre ora garnish. For use in simple verrines, as a vegetable base forquiches, lasagnas or delicious savoury breads, or even to accompany ameat or fish dish for a delicate and sun-kissed touch, professionals can now depend on Cassegrain to provide them with exquisite recipes to serve to their guests.

These two new formats, as well as the entire Cassegrain range, are available

on the brand's e-store

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