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Bonduelle strengthens dialogue with its stakeholders in America.

Bonduelle Americas is organising a survey with its external and internal stakeholders in Ontario (Canada) and the United Stated.

The Bonduelle group has long adopted an active policy of dialogue with its stakeholders, both internally and externally. This initiative was launched in France then in Italy, and is now being deployed in America.

Bonduelle Americas launched a consultation operation of its stakeholders in Quebec in early 2014. The initiative involved internal and external stakeholders: government agencies, citizens/consumers, customers, local communities, CSR experts, professional federations, suppliers, academic institutions, NGO, social partners

The aim is to cross-reference, via a questionnaire of 36 challenges, the perception of the two groups in terms of sustainable development and thus build a relevance matrix that will be used to guide the actions to be implemented by the Bonduelle Americas business unit.

This operation is being deployed in Ontario and the United States, and after the survey being sent, several meetings will be organised with the internal and external stakeholders.


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