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Bonduelle organises stakeholder meeting during Paris International Agricultural Show

On 24 February 2015, Bonduelle held a meeting for its stakeholders at the Paris International Agricultural Show.

The meeting was an opportunity to exchange ideas with, amongst others, Jean Bernard Bonduelle, Director of External Relations and Sustainable Development. Throughout the course of the meeting, the stakeholders were informed about the Bonduelle group and its global commitment to environmental and social sustainability issues.

The Bonduelle stand was also an opportunity for them to learn about the journey of the vegetable from the soil to the plate, via the production process.

The Bonduelle group has long adopted an active policy of dialogue with its stakeholders,both internally (employees, social partners) and externally (farmers, suppliers, national and local public institutions, etc.).

As general or specialist CSR experts in Bonduelle's key areas of activity, the stakeholders were able to challenge the Bonduelle Group's approach to sustainable development, to contribute suggestions of themes to expand upon, and to ask for clarification on the information published.

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