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Bonduelle organises meetings with its stakeholders on the occasion of the Paris Agricultural Show

On 2 and 3 March 2016, the Bonduelle Group organised a series of meetings with its stakeholders during the Paris Agricultural Show.

These meetings were arranged as part of Bonduelle's CSR policy.

To enable the different business units to draw inspiration for their action plans, two work sessions were set up with the group's stakeholders during the Paris Agricultural Show:

- a session on sustainable agriculture

- a session on social business

These work sessions sought to prompt reflections that would inspire Bonduelle's activities.

For a long time, the Bonduelle Group has had a policy of holding discussions with its stakeholders, both in-house (staff members, labour relations partners) and externally (farmers, suppliers, national and local public institutions, etc.).

Whether generalist CSR experts or specialists in Bonduelle's priority activities, stakeholders were able to challenge the Group's approach to sustainable development and suggest topics to explore further and request details concerning information released.

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