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Best practices

Speaking more effectively about what we’re doing right!

Employees are taking notice and getting on board. The actions taken by individuals to help build a more sustainable future are flourishing: optimized recycling, creation of shared green spaces, protection of insects and ecosystems, and more. With any luck, these practices will become the norm and will be shared by all.

The July 20 2018

Print everything on recycled paper

Printing on recycled paper may seem like a minor detail, a footnote in the grand scheme of things. But in business, even the smallest little change can have a huge impact.

The July 06 2018

Patronage in a residential care home

In a residential care home, wherever it happens to be in the world, time sometimes drags and feelings of isolation can occur. We all have older citizens living near us, in our district or town, whose daily lives may be a little dull. So what can we do to help them?

The June 28 2018

Donating vegetables to the most disadvantaged

For the poorest communities, it is not always easy to have a balanced diet. For example, it is often difficult to obtain high quality vegetables. Yet we know they are essential to daily well-being.

The June 27 2018

Social innovation with our farming partners - the Bonduelle Hackathon

Our relationship with our farming partners is a source of constant innovation. At the end of 2016, in France, we decided to invest in the field of social innovation by developing a hackathon focusing on sustainable agriculture and the public.

The April 26 2018

The vegetation cover - an agroecology best practice

At Bonduelle, we have developed a vegetation cover, in conjunction with our farming partners, in numerous farming areas, notably near our factories in Bordères-et-Lamensans and Labenne (south-west France).

The March 26 2018

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