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Inauguration of the first Bonduelle plant in Brazil

28/10/2010 Inauguration of the first Bonduelle plant in Brazil

The Cristalina plant is situated in the State of Goiás, on the high plateau of central Brazil, around a hundred kilometres south west of the capital, Brasilia. At full capacity it will be able to produce 50,000 tonnes of canned peas and sweet corn, the result of a 15 million euro investment.  It employs 80 permanent staff (bringing the total number of Bonduelle employees in Brazil to 200) and benefits from all of the Group’s experience in eco-design.


The Bonduelle Group has been established in Brazil since 1994, when the first sales office was opened in the country. Prior to this date, the Group used exports from its European sites to help French distributors to develop their business in the area, whilst simultaneously developing awareness of the Bonduelle brand. The Bonduelle Group then decided that local investment was needed in order to reach the substantial Brazilian market of 172 million consumers. They settled on the high central plateaus of the country, where the subtropical climate allows for year-round cultivation.

The canning facility at Cristalina has been designed in line with Bonduelle Group environmental and sustainable development policies and benefits from the Group’s collective experience in these areas. For example, the boiler is fuelled by a local plant, the Capim Elefante Paraiso, which is farmed specifically for this purpose and irrigated by wastewater from the facility. The chosen site required no deforestation, of course.

After one month of production of peas (canned peas produced from fresh vegetables, as opposed to the rehydrated canned peas available elsewhere on the market), for one week now Bonduelle’s Brazilian facility has been producing vacuum-packed canned sweet corn, unheard of in this country where until now only corn in water has been available.  

This canning plant has a production capacity of 50,000 tonnes, which will eventually be doubled with the addition of a vegetable freezing unit, also destined to supply the local market.

The Cristalina plant, the first in South America, gives the Bonduelle Group a total of 42 industrial sites across the world.


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