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Working for the community

Going outside the plant to donate your time and energy to the community is a great way to share our values, isn't it? That is what the employees at Santarém decided! Each year, they lend their brawn and brilliant ideas to local social service groups for a full day that has become legendary at the site.

The August 09 2018

Water: Lettuce leads the way

With its broad leaves to wash, lettuce consumes a lot of water before it makes it onto a plate. If we used a bit less water for each head of lettuce, could we achieve big savings to preserve this limited resource? That was the question colleagues set out to answer in Florence, New Jersey.

The August 09 2018

New trees for Moscow

It came to pass that employees in Russia turned a team building exercise into an opportunity to take care of their environment with a high-profile goal: plant trees in the oldest botanical garden in Russia.

The August 09 2018

Beehives on our site

At Labenne, the setting around the factory is decidedly floral. Of course, both nature and the staff have given it their all: the facilities are surrounded by a nature preserve of astounding biodiversity and the fallow land has been planted painstakingly with flowers by the plant's employees.

The August 09 2018

A blooming plant

Everyone likes flowers, bur for bees, they are essential. Enough said: at the Labenne site, that's all the argument it took to embark on planting flowers in the site's fallow land.

The August 09 2018


2017-2018 Financial Year Turnover

The August 06 2018

Suscribe to our

Compost makes the factory flourish

Some of our sites are blessed with exceptional natural settings. Such is the case for Labenne, where the plant is located in a nature reserve. The striking biodiversity is a source of motivation for employees, whose great ideas are proliferating.

The August 02 2018

Farm with less water

One of the pillars of sustainable development is using natural resources wisely. We must conserve the resources that the environment gives us in finite supply like trees and water, etc. This means that water management in agriculture is essential for anyone who wants to be involved in the ecological transition.

The August 02 2018


Bonduelle, partner of the 2018 Protein Awards

The July 27 2018


Bonduelle nominated for the “European Business Awards for the Environment” for its CSR report

The July 24 2018

We’ve found the keys to well-being

When we talk about sustainable development, we usually think of saving water or preserving nature. However, it’s much more than that! For companies, wellness and quality of life at work are aspects of sustainable development because they contribute to the virtuous practices of the organization. Sustainable development is a larger concept that goes well beyond the idea of eco-friendliness.

The July 20 2018

Speaking more effectively about what we’re doing right!

Employees are taking notice and getting on board. The actions taken by individuals to help build a more sustainable future are flourishing: optimized recycling, creation of shared green spaces, protection of insects and ecosystems, and more. With any luck, these practices will become the norm and will be shared by all.

The July 20 2018

Print everything on recycled paper

Printing on recycled paper may seem like a minor detail, a footnote in the grand scheme of things. But in business, even the smallest little change can have a huge impact.

The July 06 2018


Bonduelle completes the acquisition of Del Monte processed fruit and vegetable business in Canada from Conagra Brands

The July 04 2018

Patronage in a residential care home

In a residential care home, wherever it happens to be in the world, time sometimes drags and feelings of isolation can occur. We all have older citizens living near us, in our district or town, whose daily lives may be a little dull. So what can we do to help them?

The June 28 2018

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