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Supervisory Board

Its tasks: ensure permanent control of the company's management (checking accounts, assessing the handling of social affairs) for the account of the partner shareholders. The composition of the Supervisory Board (whose eight members are independent) guarantees its competence, independence and availability when completing its tasks and representing shareholder interests.

Martin Ducroquet, Chairman

Isabelle Danjou

Marie-Ange Verdickt

Laurent Bonduelle

Matthieu Duriez

Elisabeth Minard

Marie-France Tisseau

Executive Committee

It groups together the Directors from Bonduelle's branches located both in and outside Europe, as well as the group's CEO and Human Resources/Finance Directors. When implementing policies relating to European activities, it bases itself on the European Operational Committee (EOC), made up of the branch Directors from this zone and of the central department managers who are also part of the Executive Committee.

Christophe Bonduelle, President and Chief Executive Officer

Pascal Bredeloux, Managing Director for Bonduelle Fresh Europe

Philippe Carreau, Managing Director for Bonduelle Europe Long Life

Benoît Bonduelle, Managing Director for Bonduelle Prospective & Development

Daniel Vielfaure, Managing Director for Bonduelle Americas Long Life

Bruno Rauwel, Human Resources Director

Grégory Sanson, Chief Financial Officer

Guillaume Debrosse, Managing Director for Bonduelle Euro-Asian Markets

Board of Directors

The Board is made up of Bonduelle family members and independent directors. Their task: to define the company's strategy and investment policy.

Christophe Bonduelle, Chairman

Benoît Bonduelle

François Bonduelle

Jean-Bernard Bonduelle

Jérôme Bonduelle

Marc Bonduelle

Guillaume Debrosse

Pierre Deloffre

Miriam Fedida

Antoine Fiévet

Pierre Paris

Philippe Vasseur

Accounts Committee

By order of the Supervisory Board, this committee will be responsible for checking the accounts, assessing internal controls and the annual reviews of the Statutory Auditors.

Marie Ange Verdickt, Chairwoman

Martin Ducroquet

Isabelle Danjou

Compensation Committee

This committee is totally independent. During the financial year, the committee examines the compensation systems and levels for Bonduelle SAS directors and Bonduelle family members. It also gives its opinion on the compensation policy applied to all main managers.

Pierre Deloffre,Committee chairman, former Managing Director of the Bonduelle Group

Antoine Fiévet, Chairman of Unibel's Management Board.

Kalya Tea

Harry Tourret

The Ethics Comittee

Jean Bernard Bonduelle

Philippe Vasseur

Marie-France Tisseau

Arno van Dongen

Limited Partnership

The Limited Stock Partnership includes 2 categories of associates :

  • The Pierre and Benoît Bonduelle SAS company - held by three families - is a General Partner, indefinitely and severally liable for its own capital and social debt. An eight-member Strategic Steering Committee within the company is responsible for approving the strategic choices made by the family General Partners. Its members are in fact directors of Bonduelle SAS.
  • The limited partners (other families, public, employees + treasury shares) have the same status as the shareholders of a limited liability company: their responsibility is limited to the value of their contribution.
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