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to be the world reference in "well living" through vegetable products

for sustainable

consumers' needs

our environmental

The future is in our hands with VEGEGO!

In 2012, we started a new phase of our development by officially launching VegeGo! This company project is our main purpose: if defines Bonduelle's future for 2025 and was co-founded by employees, general management and shareholders. Cross-cutting projects on topics relating to the company's business lines and to its societal and environmental commitments were implemented in order to define a roadmap. We will act together on a daily basis to move towards Bonduelle's aim of becoming the world leader in healthy living through vegetables.

Our vision

Our horizon: the world

We are an international group, that is our strength, and the best way to create links between countries, populations and culinary diversity.

Together, the pleasure of taking part

Every Bonduelle employee is a stakeholder in their own right in terms of the group's vision. Being a global reference that ensures well-living through vegetable-based foods is a project whose success depends on the commitment of every employee.

Our brands as ambassadors

The reputation of our brands all over the world, a major asset to make vegetables the future of our food.

Healthy living objective

We are convinced that our products must be a source of inspiration for cooking and enjoying vegetables in their various forms. They are sources of pleasure, health and vitality!

Innovation, naturally

Whether it be for our products, services, organisation, distribution methods, we are constantly innovating in order to provide our customers with genuine added-value.

Vegetables at the heart of everything

Crops, as well as harvests, are essential to our existence and our development. By starting with vegetable-based foods and by respecting them, we will be in a position to be the global reference that ensures well-living through food.

Christophe Bonduelle

Chief Executive Officer of the Bonduelle Group

Making the benefits and pleasure of a vegetable-based diet available to as many people as possible: more than even, Bonduelle is asserting its responsible and conscious role regarding healthy eating and diets that respect human health, the Earth and all forms of vegetation. The core of this project aims to offer the best of nature whilst respecting the ethical principles shaped by 6 generations involved in the agro-industrial domain. This is the vision that guides our development, supports our ideas, leads our actions and structures our success.

Well-Living through Vegetable Products

the world leader

Setting a good example

"We wish to be recognized as a world reference, in terms of performance of course but also thanks to our responsible behavior with regard to customers, employees, partners and our planet as a whole. Being a leader at Bonduelle means assuming our responsibilities and setting a good example thanks to our actions. Our international ventures have allowed us to fulfill our ambition of being established on each and every continent, both as a brand and as an agri-food company. As we sell our products across the world, we want to grow and produce them across the world as well.

Healthy living

For yourself and the planet

"We want our consumers to enjoy the gift of healthy, high-quality and enjoyable cooking and consume healthy vegetables that are accessible to all. We also wish to preserve the earth and our environment, to allow each and every one of us to eat healthily in a well-preserved environment.

Through vegetables

Scope of possibilities

"We want to offer vegetables, and more broadly plants, vegetables and other related foods, in all of their forms, across all brands, across all distribution channels and all technologies. We are already the worldwide leading producer of sweetcorn, European leader in mushrooms...which are not strictly speaking vegetables. In the future, we see ourselves branching out to other types of vegetables".

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